Originally Posted: July 19, 2011

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Bronwyn’s Choice: Picture 2

Conversation With A Blue Bird

“Mr. Blue Bird, why are you on the cold ground so early in the spring?”

“I’m looking for dried bits of grass and branches to take to my Lady Blue Bird to build our nest.”

“Why dried grass? Aren’t you worried about it going limp during the last season snows?”

“With the grass I can weave a dense nest that will protect our eggs. The branches help add structure. But I wish I could take my Lady some animal hair to add warmth to the nest.”

“Would my hair work?”

“I need a lot of it to make the nest nice and warm.”

“I’ll cut off a couple inches for you and leave it here on the porch for you.”

“That is mighty kind of you. My Lady Blue Bird will be very happy with the contribution. I will look for it tomorrow. I must go check on my Lady.”

“Goodbye Mr Blue Bird and good luck on raising your family.”