Original Post: 26 July 2011

Prompt: You must begin your entry with the sentence: Ben stared at the screen, horrified.

Ben stared at the screen, horrified. “Are you sure this is correct, Becky?”

“I checked it four times. The results are the same.” Becky sat back in her chair and watched Ben.

“Wow.” Ben scrubbed his hands over his face. He looked at the screen again, unable to believe the results. “I don’t think we should share these results.”

“Are you kidding?” Becky stared at him in surprise. “This could make our career. Why would we not share this information?”

“And just how do we prove were we got the specimen?” Ben asked, looking over at her. “We would be locked up if we were to publish this.”

“But it’s just a sword.” Becky protested.

“A sword that is common to 1700 CE but is coming back dated to 1700 BCE.” Ben reminded her. “How would we prove that the machine nor the sword wasn’t contaminated?? Then there is other implications we don’t want to even consider.”

Becky sighed and dropped her head in to her hands. “This is just going to be filed with that Norse Ax that we found that was created in the ancient traditions but dates to now?”

“Unfortunately.” Ben looked around to make sure no one had come in to the room. “But, we can do our own investigation. There has to be a reason these weapons are traveling through time.”