Original Post: 19 July 2011

Prompt: Ouch

“Ouch” Jason flinched as I applied alcohol to the scratches on his neck.

“Of course it hurts, you dumb ass. If you didn’t insist on getting in to a fight, I wouldn’t have to clean you up.”

“But the guy started it.”

“And you could have ignored it and walked away.” I grabbed his right hand and started cleaning the split knuckles. They weren’t very deep, his biggest injury was the cut above his eye. The other guy decided to attack Jason with a broken glass bottle.

“I couldn’t ignore it. He insulted you.”

I rolled my eyes at that. “Okay, so he implied that I’m a slut. Still not worth a fight.”
Jason shook his head. “Yes it was. You are not a slut and I won’t allow some dickhead to ruin your reputation by saying so.”

“Men are so stupid. You do realize that he just did it so he could fight you?” I started packing up my first aid kit. Once done, I sat there and just watched him.

“Why would he do that?” Jason asked, confused.

“Because men are full of testosterone and like to beat the crap out of eachother for no reason!” Exasperated I grabbed my kit and left the room. I would never understand the male mind.