I was a finalist for a third time with this piece. I’m discovering that my more sci-fi/fantasy entries tend to get me in the finals. Maybe I should consider a genre change…..

Original Post: 12 July 2011

Prompt: You must begin your entry with the sentence: What the hell is that?

“What the hell is that?” I asked the police officer, as I bent over the flattened blob. The thing was about the size of a serving platter and had been ran over by something big.

“I was hoping you would be able to tell me.” Mark said. “You are the animal person, not me.”

“Are you sure it was an animal?” I looked around for a stick to poke at the blob.

“According to the driver that hit the thing, it is a giant mutant frog.”

“A giant mutant frog?” I reached over with a stick I found and gingerly touched it. “Are you sure the driver is sober?” The blob was squishy just like you would expect a frog or lizard to be. I crouch next to it, pushing the stuck under the body to flip it over. Once it was flipped like a pancake, I could make out a face on the blob. It did look like frog of some sort.

“The driver is stone cold sober.” Mark confirmed.

At that moment, the blob moved. Like a balloon it’s body expanded as if filling with air. Once it was round again, it looked me in the eye and let out a growl. Then it looked at Mark and hissed like a cat before taking on giant leap off the road in to the swamp.

“Did I really see that?” Mark asked, astonished.

“Yes, you did.” I responded, still trying to figure out what in the hell that thing was. Hopefully I’ll find out soon.