It often amazes me that a person can tell when writing was like pulling teeth. I’m sure this was one of those.

Original Post: 7 June 2011

Prompt: Ice

They called him Iceman. Not because of his lack of emotion as he got ready to tackle his next bull ride. But because his heart was encased in ice. It had been that way for years, ever since the love of his life ran off with another rodeo cowboy. Walker discovered that it was easier to freeze his heart than try to work through the hurt and sorrow that woman had brought him.

But now that ice is starting to thaw. All because of a feisty red-head who happened to be his cousin’s best friend. She was kind and gentle to him. Always smiled when he walked in to the room. And most recently, blistered his soul with her kisses.

Maybe it was time to let the ice melt and embrace what she offered.