A month after my first #5MinuteFiction Win, I finale again with the following piece.

Original Post: 22 March 2011

Prompt: Pub

Krystal strolled down High Street just absorbing the sights and sound of the city. Edinburgh was as beautiful as it was unique, with a long and strange history. She quickly pulled out her map just to make sure she was going to correct direction toward her hotel. When she looked up, Krystal noticed pub. She could have sworn that it hadn’t been there five seconds ago. It was a stand alone building in the middle of the block with an arcitecture that was different from any of the other buildings on the block. Instead of being stone, it was made of massive wood logs. It reminded Krystal of buildings one might see in Scandinavia instead of British Gothic.

Curious, Krystal walked to the pub and pulled open the heavy wood door. What she saw when she walked in, took her breath away. It wasn’t the elaborate “Hunting Lodge” type decor that surprised and delighted her. Nor was it haunting music coming from the corner stage. It was the inhabitants of the pub. She wasn’t the only human in there, but she was definitely in the minority.

The patrons of the pub reminded her of the cantina scene from her favorite movie, Star Wars. The patrons were all different shapes and size. And they were staring at her. The next thing she knew, a short female looking creature walked over to her, grabbing her hand. Krystal followed the creature to a raised dias next to the fireplace. Above the wide chair was portrait of herself. Krystal looked around in confusion. When she looked to the creature who lead her to the dias, she realize that the woman was kneeling at her feet. Slowly the rest of the patrons rose and knelt.

“Our Queen has returned to save us.” The female said in her lyrical accent.