To celebrate the new Creed Trilogy by Linda Lael Miller, Harlequin put together an entire website devoted to the new Creed Cowboys. The site includes a photo gallery, web episodes of the cover shoot for the books, and a quiz to find out which Creed Cowboy is the one you should be with.

I played on Take A Cowboy Home for a while.  I did the quiz (my result is at the bottom of the post), and I watched all of the web episodes. The models chosen to play the Creeds, Stephen Muzzinigro and Buck Palmer (who has a yummy Aussie accent) are beautiful.  I love how in the episodes they are asked interview questions by the film crew.  Stephen Muzzinigro is the model for the twin brothers of Conner and Brody Creed.  The wardrobe mistress and the photographer did an amazing job (as well as the model) in bringing out the different personalities of the two brothers.  The average person wouldn’t know that it was the same model.

During the cover shoot, the art director and photographer put the models on horseback.  Buck Palmer didn’t do too bad riding.  I could tell that he is still a newbie at it, and doesn’t have a solid seat.  But Stephen Muzzinigro was beautiful on horseback, both as Connor and Brody.  He has solid seat and was very comfortable looking on the horse. (Can I take him home????)

They did the cover shoot at the C Lazy U Ranch and at the Garden of the Gods both just outside of Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Beautiful locations.  I have been to Garden of the Gods and I have been in the area of the C Lazy U Ranch.  They couldn’t have picked a better spot for the Colorado Creed Cowboys.

So your task is to go take the quiz and find out which Creed is your cowboy and come back and tell me!

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