With much pushing and shoving from Laura Kreitzer, the author I do some assistant work for, I have enrolled in Fictionista Workshop’s Writing Collective.  I’m actually very nervous about this.  Every week a “lesson” will be posted and at the end of the week, each participant is to post their writing assignment to have it anonymously critiqued by the other writers in their group.

Even though I tied for first in this weeks #5MinuteFiction, I still worry that my writing sucks.  So having to post my written work for others will be a hurdle for me to over come.  But I’m discovering from following authors on Twitter, that even those who are New York Times Bestsellers always worry about their work sucking.  I just need to get over my fear of disappointing people and realize that I am kinda good at what I do.  So wish me luck everyone.  I’ll try to post through out the process on how it is going.

The Collective starts on Feb 13th.  If you are a writing friend, I hope you will join me in this journey!