Every Tuesday at 1:30pm ET, the wonderful Leah Petersen holds a challenge on her blog, Write Me.  The challenge is to write a piece of fiction using the word prompt that is posted at 1:30pm.  The participant has 5 minutes to write and then submit their piece.  Then a brave soul reads all of the entries and selects 5 as that week’s finalists.  Then it is up to blog visitors, twitter friends, and 5 minute fiction fans to flock to the blog and vote for the their favorite.

Yesterday, I participated in the 5 Minute Fiction challenge.  It was my third time.  I did it once almost 6 months ago and then started again last week.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered that I had been named a finalist for this week!  After spamming my friends on Twitter and Facebook to get over to the site and vote, I found out this morning that I tied for 1st place.  I am extremely giddy and humbled by the praise my little piece received.  I thought the others were much better.

Here is my little piece (with the spellings corrected) for your enjoyment.  The prompt word was familiarity.

The familiarity of the situation was eery. The scene was different but everything else was the same. A bloodless corpse, no blood any where, a frying pan with a word etched on the bottom, and a knife with a deer antler handle. But instead of being left in a trashy alley, this one was left on the steps of a fancy night club.

After surveying the scene, I shook my head and turned to my partner.

“Do you think it is a copy cat or the same person?” I asked.

“I don’t know.” Nick said, kneeling next to the frying pan. “The word on the pan is the same. And we never released that to the press. So my guess is that it is the same person.” I took a deep breath.

“Just what we need. A serial killer with a vampire MO.”

“Hey, Vicki?” I turned to look at the CSI standing by the corpse. I walked over to him.

“What did you find?” The CSI pointed to the crumpled paper in the corpse’s hand. I bent down and gently removed it from the hand.

“What does it say, Vicki?” Nick asked as he joined me. I opened the paper. In a broad handwriting the note held a warning.

This is not the end.


Please go to Leah’s blog and see the other finalists’ wonderful work!