Cindi and Zoe wait for their banana chips

It is Adopt-A-Rescued Rabbit Month!  And I am very hoppy!  I am the proud fur mommy of 2 adopted House Rabbits.  Zoe and Cindi are actually my 2nd and 3rd House Rabbits.  And they are a hoot.  They live indoors, are spayed, and are litter box trained.  Because we are renting a room from a friend, they don’t get much time out of their cage.  But that will change when we move.  They love to run around and chase each other and the cats. They are my little princesses.

If you are considering getting a rabbit, please consider making it a House Rabbit.  Rabbits that live indoors and are part of the family dynamic live longer, healthier, and happier lives than ones who live outside in a cage.  Rabbits are very social animals.  They need a buddy.  When you adopt (please don’t buy there are many bunnies who need homes), get a bonded pair.  I was very lucky. My girls were actually from the same litter, even though they look like two different breeds of bunnies.

Bunnies are not much more work than a cat, but they have very specific needs. With a good diet, lots of fresh water, exercise, and lots of love from their human companion, House Rabbits have been known to live 8 or more years.


Jessica getting love from her Daddy

But please, DO NOT get a rabbit for a child.  Rabbits need more than a child can give them. Most children become bored with their rabbits quickly.  Rabbits have similar personalities to a cat.  They are not a like a dog who is wants to please it’s human companion.

Instead of getting a child a furry bunny, give them a Chocolate Rabbit instead.

A great resource to use to help you decide if a rabbit is good for you and your family, please visit the House Rabbit Society website.  You will find many useful articles and links to local House Rabbit Chapters.