Well, National Novel Writing Month is over for another year.  It is kind of a relief, but also kind of sad.  It is a month of hard work, tears, hair pulling, high self-confidence, and moments of “why in the hell am I doing this?”.  But it really teaches a person about who they are and wither or not they are meant for the writer’s life style.

But I’m not sad about my performance this year.  I did a total of 31,546 during the month.  That is 27,193 more words than November of 2009!  Another difference with this year’s project, I’m motivated to finish it.  I have so many ideas for what will happen during the story.  This makes me excited.

I recently looked over my 2009 NaNo project and I might actually start working on it again.  Now that I know a little more about the writing process and who I am as a writer, I think I might be able to actually finish the story.  But first I am going to finish Quinn and Tori’s story.

Congratulations to all of the NaNoWriMo participants.  No matter your word count, everyone who took on this challenge is truly a winner.