About 4 months ago, UPS delivered 4 boxes to my house.  They all had books in them.  My mom had decided to send me some of my books from my childhood bedroom.  She sent only 2 shelves of the 6 shelf bookcase! 

The boxes sat in my living room, lightly rummaged through for a couple of months before I consolidated the boxes in to one box.  Going through those boxes then and then last night (I was looking for a specific author), brought back many happy memories of spending days reading during the summer.

I used to drive the librarians at my local library crazy every summer.  They could never believe I would read that many books.  Their summer reading program was one “contest” I knew I could always win or be in the top three.  I have been devouring books for as long as I can remember.  (Between June 26th and July 5th of this year I read 7 books!)

In those boxes I found old Historical Teen Romances by Sunfire Romance , my Silhouette Shadows, most of the Pern books, and many other books that I read.  It is a lot like rediscovering old friends. I can look at each book and I know the basic synopsis of everyone.  I might not remember the character names, but I remember the stories.  I am looking forward to going through and rereading most or all of those books, even the Teen Romance. 

I guess most people would donate the books, but I get strangely attached to books that I enjoy reading.  Even occasionally to ones I did not enjoy.  There is one book I read as a teen, that was all about two girls and their discovering sex.  One with her high school teacher, whom got her pregnant and then married her.  The other with her high school boyfriend.  The book bothered me because of the lost of innocence and it was edgy.  I took it to the Book Rack.  Ever since I will occasionally thing about that book and wonder if teens of today would find it as shocking as I did.

Books are my hobby, my addiction, and my companion on bad days.  I would be totally lost without them.