I have had email for almost 15 years.  I received my very first account when I started at Colorado State University in August of 1995.  I have had multiple email addresses over the years and until last week I have never had anyone hack my account.

I first discovered the hack when I received a message from my Australia sis, Donna, on Facebook that said, “sweetie ..i think someone may have hacked your email addy just got this email from u”.  I was confused at first, but then I started getting text messages from people asking where I was.  So I started on the path to re-secure my email account.  While working with the wonderful people at Google, I had a friend send me a copy of the email.

Here is what the email said:


How are you doing today?I am sorry i didn’t inform you about my urgent
trip to the UK,however i need you to do me a favor as soon as you
receive this email,I lost my wallet where my money and other valuables
were kept in a taxi while going back to the hotel from a function,I
will need you to help me with a soft loan urgently which i will return
as soon as i am back home.I need the sum of $1,950 to sort my hotel
bills and get myself back home,I will apprecaite whatever amount you
can help me with,I promise to refund you as soon as i am back
home,Kindly let me know if you can be of help so i can send you my
details to send the money.

Lucky for me i still have my passport so Western union will be a good
option to get the money over,Kindly get back asap so i can send you my
details.Your assistance will be greatly appreciated……Thanks

As many of you know, I am very connected.  I text, email, do Facebook, Twitter, and yes I still have a MySpace account.  If I was ever going any where for any reason, everyone would know about it! 

But this whole thing did do a couple of positive things for me.  It showed how many people actually care about what I am doing.  I received many bounced emails, so I was able to update my email address book.  It put me in contact with some people I have talked to in a while. And it made me laugh.  A couple of my friends responded to the email and I received them.  Not sure if the hacker did, but I sure did and they were funny.

I am very fortunate that most people realized the email was a hoax or that they contacted me or other people to verify that it was a hoax.  So no one was scammed.  

I have always known that nobody is safe from hackers and you can get hit at anytime, but it still caught me by surprise.  I do have an idea of how it happened and I realize that it is entirely my fault for leaving the window open for the thief. 

As GI Joe says: