To say I am excited, is probably a bit of an understatement! For the first time in 6 years, it looks as if we may have our first Triple Crown winner in 30 years!!! 6 years ago, I thought Bob Baffert’s horse War Emblem was going to do it, but he stumbled out of the gate and fell to his knees. He was unable to gain the lead. The 2002 Belmont was won by a 70:1 longshot! Two years ago, I had hoped a beautiful animal named Barbaro was going to take the Triple Crown, but his career was ended with a catastrophic fracture to a hind leg. 8 months later he was euthanized and was buried at Churchill Downs in Kentucky.

Big Brown makes it look so easy! Kent Desormeaux knows this horse and exactly how to handle him in a race. If you watch the race footage, you will see that Desormeaux is holding Big Brown back until they turn for the home streatch. He then let’s Big Brown have his head and he takes off! After Desormeaux decided that there was enough space between them and the rest of the field, you can see Desormeaux once again pull up on Big Brown. They are trying not to over tax him before the 1.5 mile Belmont Stakes in 3 weeks! After the race, Big Brown looks ready for another run. If he didn’t have the dirt on his wraps, you would never know he had just run a mile and 3/16ths. Here is the footage of the beautiful Big Brown in the Preakness on Saturday….

There is only one other horse I have ever seen come out the Preakness eager to run some more, and that was file footage. That horse was Secretariat! I truly hope Big Brown can hold on and give us another spectacular run at the Belmont Stakes on June 7th!

BTW, here is the video of Big Brown winning the Kentucky Derby’s 1 1/4 mile race.

Now on to Bull Fighting……

This morning I went to the break room to get ice and water for my mug. I ended up stopping to watch the Today Show. It was Matt Lauer learning how to be a bull fighter!!!! I laughed so hard! So, here is the video…….