Hi all!

Things have been hopping around here!

Andy is still on the Dream Squad at Animal Kingdom. He is currently a Relief Trainer for the team. He has also be selected to facilitate “The Story Unfolds”. This is a class for all new cast members who are working in Africa or Asia at the park. It tells the story of Harambe in Africa or the story of Anandipur in Asia. He is very excited about that. He finally starts training for the Dream Squad Roadshow (the Dream Squad facilitation team) on Friday. And to top it all off, Andy will be starting the Traditions Audition process again tonight with an info session.

I am still at the reservation center working in Guest Services. It has been interesting working here, but I’m ready for a new challenge. I’ve asked my leaders to get me trained on a couple of new systems so I can start taking Grand Gathering Guest Service calls. I am also working with some horses right now. I’m working on my Level One certification for Parelli National Horsemanship. There is a very nice lady name Pam who is Level Three Certified. She owns 5 horses and needed someone to come play with the 3 ponies, so I go out there as much as possible (which is only once per week right now) and work on my level one tasks and just spend time spoiling them. Abby is a Welsh Pony and she is 8 years old. Cameo is one of Abby’s babies. Cameo is a Welsh Pony mix and is 5 years old. Penny is the white and tan paint mix. She is 3 years old.

Penny and Abby Jan 2008
This is Penny and her mom Abby. Abby is the smaller one.

Cameo Jan 2008
This is Cameo. She is the primary one I’m working with right now!

Cameo March 20, 2008

She likes to lick things……..

We have gone to The Bay Area Renaissance Festival this year and had a lot of fun. Andy enjoys the ladies who are “busting” out all over, and I have my eye on one gentleman….. Malcolm …..

Malcolm March 16, 2008

Once I get the ren faire photos organized, I’ll get a slide show posted here….

Our babies are doing good. Diego has recently started playing with lizards. I don’t know how they are getting in to the house, but they are. A week and a half ago, I came home to Diego playing with a lizard. Next thing I know, I hear a crunch crunch crunch sound! He had eatten the tail and 1/2 of the head!!!!! I had little lizard brains on my bathroom floor! But Diego looked so proud!

A couple of weeks ago, a friend at work brought me a plush Stitch with a hole in his arm. I took the Stitch home and fixed him up. Well, this Stitch decided to write a letter back to the friend who bought him……


Well, that is just about all the news for now. Here is a little slide show I put together of some cute pictures…….