You know when the world had gone crazy when 15 middle school students face expulsion after instigating a food fight. The students, nine boys and six girls, were suspended after the 10 minute food fight shut down the school for two hours, on Feburary 1st. (Okay, why was the school closed for two hours?!?) At least the students were smart; they took a change of clothes with them to school.

According to reports, it took 11 people two hours to clean up the mess! Why didn’t the principal make the “instigators” clean it? At least the kids didn’t bring any of mom’s food to use. Instead they used what was available at the cafeteria: chicken Alfredo, cheese pizza, taco salad, and fresh fruit. Chicken Alfredo and taco salad?!?!? Why are tax payers paying for students to have those kinds of foods at school? And why is there more than one choice? What ever happened to 1 entree, 1 side, 1 small dessert, and a pint of milk? That’s what I grew up on and turned out okay. No wonder children are facing obesity issues!

Florida state law requires school children to eat lunch before they leave campus. So the principal put the day on hold while students waited for the floor to dry so they could eat lunch. They couldn’t take orders and money from the children and then deliver the food to classrooms? Or how about outdoor dining? It is Florida and it was 80 degrees yesterday.

The Orange County school district has a discipline policy that permits administration to expel students who disrupt the school day. I don’t think they had food fights in mind when they wrote that policy.

The students and their parents will have a chance to appeal to the school board before the school board votes whether to expel the students. Hopefully the school board will laugh at the stunt and just send those students back to class.